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About Us

” Let’s Move Towards Better Value. Moment of Better Products. “

Protein Godam was founded in 2018 with the idea of providing India with sports nutrition supplements that are specifically focused on Indian customer needs and listens to their sentiments day in day out. 

Our passion let’s make our India well-nourished and have some clinically researched product like authenticity, protein test certificates of Protein Godam.  

Protein Godam sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labelling, ingredient safety and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting-edge of nutritional science. As our company has grown the years, so has our commitment to Living Well.

Protein Godam mission is to provide a reliable source of knowledge and scientifically-proven health supplements of the highest quality to help our Indians customer reach their health and wellness goals.

Our founder Mr.Tarun Srivastava, his top priority is to help our clients to purchase correct and authentic product and help them to maintain their fitness.   

Protein Godam supplements have been clinically tested over brief time periods in multiple studies to conclusively prove their effectiveness and safety.  The results of these studies are critically reviewed and published in reputed scientific journals.  Lab reports are been published on our websites for easiness and to check its authenticity.

Chairman’s Message

Friends !

There is no shortcut to success. You need to push yourself every time to achieve what you want. Fail, try again, fail again but never stop yourself.

Protein Godam is a leading science-based sports nutrition company. Our products being used by so many professional athletes & fitness lovers all over India.

In just a very short time span, Protein Godam has grown up significantly and today has become one of the choicest food supplements producer in India, Protein Godam is backed by a highly beneficial products who are desperately inclined to bring radical changes in the their body sphere, we have made our presence felt in our sphere and we wish to move further and further from here.

The price of products at Protein Godam is very nominal as compared to its competitors in the area and the market. We never compromise on the quality of products and make every effort to produce better products.

– Mr. Tarun Srivastava